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Uncut gameplay for Horizon: Call of the Mountain has debuted online for the first time.

Over the past few days, Sony has had a booth at the CES 2023 conference in Las Vegas dedicated to the PSVR 2, set to launch next month. Here, members of the public can get their hands on the new headset for the first time before launch, and get the chance to play Horizon: Call of the Mountain, as you can see from the brief clip just below.

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The player in question demonstrates how firing a bow works in Guerrilla’s new PSVR 2 spin-off game. They also show how running works, as the player motions both hands like they’re running on the spot, and the in-game character corresponds by sprinting forward a step with each arm motion.

Additionally, we also have a look at how climbing works in Call of the Mountain. Much like the sprinting mechanics, the player motions their hands in thin air, and steadily climbs up a rock face by grasping onto predetermined points, not unlike how climbing works in the two mainline Horizon games.

This is the first time we’ve seen uncut gameplay for Call of the Mountain, but we have previously seen snippets of the game in action. Call of the Mountain was actually announced at last year’s CES conference in January 2022, and since then we’ve seen a smattering of gameplay clips over the months, showing the player character facing down various mechanical beasts from the Horizon games.

The PSVR 2 launches next month on February 22, 2023, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a day one launch title. The new spin-off game features Aloy in a supporting role, instead of taking on her regular mantle of the protagonist. 

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