‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake Will Not Have Gameplay Content Cut, Will … – Bloody Disgusting

If you were wondering about Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest, you aren’t the only one. Even with the game’s delay last September, there hasn’t been much info coming from the developers about the sequel to 2018’s The Forest. Thankfully, that has changed with IGN’s hands-on preview, which delves into the game’s mechanics, which includes a new companion.

Much like the original game, in Sons of the Forest, you’re dropped into the middle of nowhere with the simple goal of surviving. While you can play Sons of the Forest with up to seven others, you also have the option to play the game solo. But unlike the first game, you’ve now got Kalvin. Described as an elite soldier who survived the helicopter crash that stranded you on the island, Kalvin will follow you around and respond to commands that you’ll access via a quick selects options on a notepad.

As you might expect, Kalvin can do things such as gather resources or defend. However, he’s not entirely a robot, and will at times require rest or water. He’ll also become less efficient if you treat him badly. You can also kill him, which would remove him from your game session, but would obviously leave you at a disadvantage in either the survival aspects, or at the mercy of the cannibals that roam the island.

Kalvin isn’t the only crafty AI you’ll encounter in Sons of the Forest. The enemy AI will prove to be crafty for players, depending on the type of enemy you encounter. Some will attack you outright, others will be keen to just stand back and observe your work. In fact, according to the developers, certain enemies in Sons of the Forest will demonstrate leadership qualities that can even influence the decisions of others.

Of course, the main focus of Sons of the Forest is survival. Meaning, you’ll be having to construct and maintain your shelter. Unlike in the first game, the construction tools have been revamped. You now have user-friendly, realistic presentations of what you build, rather than the blue building blocks found in the first game. Instead of just loading resources into a ghost version of the final product, you’ve now been given the freedom to place logs and sticks in the direction you like, allowing for complete customization of your structures.

Click on the link above to see what other improvements Endnight Games has in store for Sons of the Forest, which lands on February 23, 2023 for PC via Steam.