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After receiving a delay, The Day Before’s release date is finally approaching. Here are some details about The Day Before, including its gameplay and story.

The Day Before Release Date: March 1, 2023

The Day Before comes out on March 1, 2023. It will be available on PlayStation 5. Xbox Series X|S, and PC. No preorders are available yet, nor are there store pages for the game’s console versions. Players can, however, wishlist the game already on Steam.

The Day Before Gameplay

The day before is an MMO third-person shooter set in a zombie apocalypse. Like most third-person shooters, players have access to a wide variety of weaponry, ranging from assault rifles to pistols,  submachine guns, and even explosives. Players will need this as they will be exploring a zombie-infested urban and rural landscape. Players will have to take these zombies down, and prevent them from getting too close and damaging them.

While out exploring, players can loot for materials, weapons, food, and more. This is because this isn’t just a shooter-MMO, it also has survival elements to it. You can use the loot you find to help rebuild society. This is done through various colonies of survivors. These colonies also serve as player hubs, letting players sell loot and team up with other players. This is especially important, as the game has PvP elements to it. Players can attack other players to take their equipment, loot, and even vehicles.

Yes, this game has vehicles. You will need these vehicles when traveling over large distances. Of course, this also means that you attract more attention to yourself, so you better be careful if you decide to travel this way.

The Day Before Story

The Day Before happens in post-pandemic America. The sickness that spread turned people into flesh-hungry infected, which attack any survivors they find. You are one of many survivors, who must explore the vast open world in search of food, and resources, all while staying safe from zombies, as well as people who might try to take your loot.

That’s all the details we have about The Day Before. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.